Ordo Templi Orientis Phenomenon

The Ordo Templi Orientis Phenomenon

A research project by Peter–Robert Koenig

Ordo Templi Orientis


A detailed historical field research on the psycho–sociology of a modern secret society called Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.). All about modern day occultism and money; so–called Templars and falsification of history; Gnostics in the kitchen and bedrooms and their expanded consciousness; Illuminati and conspiracy; NeuRosicrucians; religious liberty and sexmagick; ossified folklore and ceremonial magic, their relation with Voodoo and Freemasonry; rituals, correspondences, books and articles.

Ordo Templi Orientis Aleister Crowley Stele of Revealing Cairo 1904 Liber AL vel Legis Book of the Law Aiwass Aiwaz

Gnosis in the Bedroom

This study is not an introduction to occult or esoteric topics, although it discusses the magical practices and rituals of the pertinent groups. It is mainly a documentation and sometimes discussion of the behaviour of the participant parties.

This study is a mirror of the many puzzle pieces of a phenomenon that is characterised through the inconsistency and subjectivity of its sources. Apart from legal criteria, every puzzle piece has been used. Folkloristic aspects are part of the psycho–sociology and of the history.

Fraternitas Saturni Lodge Logen Hammer Fraternitas Saturni GOTOS breath

Western Orientalism effectively originated with the translation of the 'Thousand and One Nights' into French at the beginning of the 18th century. Soon anything even vaguely 'Oriental' seemed to exude a magical, sensual appeal —­ an appeal that had much to do with the idea of unspoilt nature in far–off lands. Nearly all Orientalist works contained erotic elements — often explicit — which sprang from a widespread belief that in the Orient mores (and thus morals) were more relaxed than in Europe.

Like the fault Nietzsche had found in western culture, voids in some European's own cultures became filled with exotic customs, arts, philosophies, religions and sciences.

It was in just such a context that an Oriental Templar Order, the O.T.O., was concocted in 1906 by Theodor Reuss from the symbols, rituals and nomenclature of regular and irregular Freemasonry in Germany; within their own universe, occultists are wandering encyclopaedias.

The letters O.T.O. (or OTO) stand for Ordo Templi Orientis.

Neither the use of the letters nor of the full name is unique to any group. Since the founding of the O.T.O. many groups have appropriated the name, its abbreviations, and acronyms and imbued them with contents to their own taste and liking. There are several rival groups using the name Ordo Templi Orientis or O.T.O. Some of them derive from an original that is, a first O.T.O. but not all. Not all but a few of them can lay some claim to stem from the original i.e. first O.T.O. of 1906.

Aleister Crowley and the Law of Thelema and the Stele of Revealing

The structure of most O.T.O.–varieties, like that of Freemasonry, is based on a staged series of initiations or degrees. The essence / secrets of the Ordo Templi Orientis–variations are in their higher degrees; strictly speaking only members of these degrees are considered to be members of the O.T.O. proper.

English version: Synopsis of Degrees.
Traduction française: Synopsis des Degrés.

Aleister Crowley (one of the many protagonists of the O.T.O.): "Of the [highest] Eleventh Degree [of the Ordo Templi Orientis], its powers, privileges, and qualifications, nothing whatever is said in any grade. It has no relation to the general plan of the Order, is inscrutable, and dwells in its own palaces." (Liber CXCIV, 1919) "I am inclined to believe that the XIth degree is better than the IXth degree", diary entry 26 August 1916.

Theodor Reuss Hermetic Brotherhood of Light Ordo Templi Orientis O.T.O. Memphis Misraim

While the O.T.O.’s initiatory system is a sort of Kafkaesque bureaucratic club game, it has a religious association under its obedience: The Gnostic Catholic Church. One of the O.T.O.groups intends "to restore Christianity to its real status as a solar–phallic religion." In addition to tax advantages, religion supplies a commodity that is always in demand: salvation. And it would seem that some O.T.O.–variations are simply making themselves bulletproof in the context of the law in some countries.

The technical term for the bishopric in the context of the O.T.O. Phenomenon is Wandering Bishop or Episcopi Vagantes. This status is not defined by any character qualities, not by theological education or theological position. These bishops are not elected by a canonical church, nor proposed as an ordain by a suffragan and not bound to a historical episcopal see or consecrated by an official bishop according to the canonical procedure.

Holy Logos Dove

A real bishop is not a successor of a sole apostle as only the synod/college of bishops in toto are heir to the college of the apostles. Therefore: no Wandering Bishop has a real apostolic succession. There is no Holy Ghost in Wandering–Bishop–consecrations.

Louis–Sophrone Fugairon Sophronius Cérémonial de L'Église Gnostique

[From: 'Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica']

Their instrumentum consecrationis is of no apostolic value. Nonetheless, Wandering Bishops are collectors of papers and diplomas in the hope that at least one of the consecrations they record has taken.

Gnostic Catholic Church Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica

In all Ordo Templi Orientis versions, the line of succession is vitally important, as it is believed that the leader is the repository of the Order’s magical power, and also has a claim on various copyrights and royalties, especially of Aleister Crowley’s work.

Heinrich Tranker Baphomet Rosycross

juste cruci suffixus est Fraternitas Saturni Räucherpfanne censer

This site is about the German Fraternitas Saturni, the Golden Dawn, Memphis Misraim (one of the mother–Orders of the Ordo Templi Orientis), the Gnostic Catholic Churches (of French origin), the German Order of the Illuminati, the Anthroposophy, the mostly Pan–American Fraternitas Rosicruciana Antiqua, the QBLH, A.M.O.R.C., the Austrian AAORRAC, German Pansophia, the Choronzon Club (a sort of homosexual O.T.O. off–shoot), Ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua as an example of gnostic inflation with uncountable outpours and affiliations: eg the 'Monastery of the 7 Rays' and 'La Couleuvre Noire';  a new American O.T.O. founded in 1977 (called 'Caliphate'), the Society O.T.O. (in Brazil and the US), the Typhonian Ordo Templi Orientis (these days called Typhonian Order), the Swiss O.T.O., also about the Solar Lodge of the O.T.O. and Charles Manson; Abramelin and Holy Guardian Angels: Aiwaz, LAM, Baphomet and its equivalent: the egregor GOTOS of the Fraternitas Saturni.

Aleister Crowley and the Stele of Revealing

Discussions about spermo–gnosticism, the Elixir of Life and homeopathy, Aleister Crowley's religion called Thelema and the protofascistic and misogynist elements of occult culture; a presentation of never before published rituals (of the original Ordo Templi Orientis: a variation of the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light) and texts lost in the archives until now.

Read about scurrilous legal opinions and fights and get puzzled by the Ethnological approach to all this.

Startling Stories 1948

"What Every Mason Wants"
'Startling Stories", January 1948.

Secrets of the Rosicrucians, Templars and the Illuminati

Secrets of the Rosicrucians, Templars and the Illuminati, Peter-Robert Koenig

Discussions on the Nature of the O.T.O. Phenomenon

The suitability of methods for thinking about occultism and esotericism is usually linked to results. So long as those insights stay discursive, innovative and useful, any method — however informal or offbeat — is not only appropriate but even required. Thus scientific analysis becomes a conversation between subject and researcher, and can only ever yield tentative results. Wayward ideas, however, can and should be viewed from wayward perspectives.

Reading Paul-Michel Foucault, Roland Barthes and Jacques Derrida, Félix Guattari and Gilles Deleuze, George Batailles, Antonin Artaud, Terence Sellers, Jean Barraqué, Hermann Broch, Alain Robbe-Grillet, Maurice Blanchot and Comte de Lautréamont (Isidore Ducasse) will not hurt you.


The moment sex became available to everyone at a mouse–click, the power of discourse (to borrow Foucault's term) of those who constructed a truth–producing apparatus around sexuality, also crumbled.

Johannes Goeggelmann, Saturnius, Fraternitas Saturni

The Technology of Sex

O.T.O. and Pan


Spermo–Gnostics and the Ordo Templi Orientis — Introduction to the "Ascetic and Libertine Gnostics".

Clément de Saint–Marcq: The Eucharist, 1906.

The Correct Gnosticism: The ascetic roots of the O.T.O.

Conqueror of the Grail — Arnoldo Krumm–Heller.

The Secrets of the O.T.O.–groups.


Aura of the O.T.O. Phenomenon.

Halo of Flies, a contribution to Richard Metzger's "Book of Lies".

Of a similar nature: Phantoms of the Paradise.
Anonymous 2021: Burning Down The House. 'Caliphate', Argenteum Astrum, James Wasserman, Donald Trump.
What Will I Give For An Encore?

Part One of Smoke Gets In Your Aiwass. All about Angels and Abramelin.
Part Two: More on The chajoth, the ‘living creations’ or “flying things”.

Ecstatic Creation of Culture.

Use of the Internet — A questionaire of April/March 1997.

Playgame of an O.T.O.–Fatamorgana — Statistics, Censorship, Name Dropping. 2011.

Ordo Templi Orientis Caliphate Body Infant Suit Baphomet

Fetish, Self–Induction, Stigma and Rôleplay. 2011.

Gaps in the Script of Esotericism: Hypocrisy and Hypercrisis — Oscar Wilde: Ambition is the last resort of failure. 2012.

The McDonaldisation of Occulture.

Michael Paul Bertiaux

The Creative Power. Golems and Homunculi.

Nosferatu's Baby — Too Hot To Handle.

Saturn–Gnosis — a portrait of the Fraternitas Saturni and its magical link to the Ordo Templi Orientis.

Saturn's Art of Living and Loving.

GOTOS UTUIT Gradus Ordo Templi Orientis Saturni Egregor Fraternitas Saturni

Aleister Crowley created a kind of a parallel world, with new values based on the injunctions of religion etc, called Thelema, in which he played the central rôle of a Prophet.

Regarding his antidemocratic, racist and misanthropic writings, followers point out: "The reason [...] aspects of Thelema are omitted [in public discussion] indicates the actual problem with presenting Thelema as a religion and attempting to get Thelema sanctioned by the government or approved by the public: Thelema is ultimately in contrast to and transgressive of normative society. Thelema rejects the morals and values of normative society and acts to transgress and violate these norms. From the inclusion of intoxicants in ritual, to the positive view of sexuality, which frequently is seen as promoting promiscuity, to the pro–authoritarian and Nietzschian aspects of Thelema, normative society has much to reject in Thelema and conversely, Thelema encourages its adherents to reject most aspects of normative society." ['Caliphate' O.T.O.'s "Journal of Thelemic Studies", 1;2, 2008, page 40]

Nicht alle Zweige des O.T.O. haben Crowleys Thelema übernommen. "Der Grund, dass [...] Aspekte von Thelema ausgelassen sind, ist das aktuelle Problem, wie Thelema in der Öffentlichkeit als Religion darzustellen ist, um so vom Staat anerkannt zu werden. Thelema ist ganz eindeutig konträr und an den Grenzen der normativen Gesellschaft. Thelema weist die normativen Werte und Moral ab und zielt auf die Ueberschreitung und Verletzung eben dieser Normen. Die Miteinbeziehung von Drogen in die Rituale, die positive Betonung der Sexualität, die als Werbung für Promiskuität angesehen werden kann und der autoritäre und pro-Nietzscheanische Aspekt von Thelema zwingen die normative Gesellschaft zur Ablehnung und gleichzeitig ermutigt Thelema seine Anhänger, die meisten Aspekte der normativen Gesellschaft abzulehnen." ["Journal of Thelemic Studies", 1;2, 2008, Seite 40, übersetzt]

Concernant les écrits antidémocratiques, racistes et misanthropes de Crowley, ses disciples soulignent : « la raison [que quelques] aspects de Thelema sont omis [dans la discussion publique] indique le problème réel avec la présentation de Thelema comme une religion et essayant d'obtenir pour Thelema une sanction du gouvernement ou approuvé par le public : Thelema est finalement en revanche transgressive de la société normative. Thelema rejette la morale et les valeurs de la société normative et agit pour transgresser et violer ces normes. De l'inclusion des substances intoxicantes dans les rituels, à la perception positive de la sexualité, souvent considérée comme favorisant la promiscuité, le proautoritaire et l’aspect Nietzschéenne de Thelema, la société normative a beaucoup rejeter en Thelema et inversement, Thelema encourage ses adhérents à rejeter la plupart des aspects de la société normative. » [Journal of Thelemic Studies, 1;2, 2008, page 40, traduit].

In merito agli scritti antidemocratici, razzisti e misantropici di Aleister Crowley, i suoi seguaci precisano: «La ragione per cui [...] certi aspetti della filosofia thelemica sono omessi [nei pubblici contesti] indica l’effettiva difficoltà di presentare Thelema come una religione e al contempo ottenere una legittimazione dallo stato o la pubblica approvazione: invero Thelema trasgredisce e si contrappone alle norme sociali. Thelema rifiuta la morale e i valori della società normata e agisce per trasgredire e violare queste norme. Per l’uso di ‘sostanze’ nei rituali, per la magnificazione della sessualità, spesso fraintesa come spinta alla promiscuità, per gli aspetti pro-autoritari e nietzscheani, la società normata ha molto da respingere in Thelema e, allo stesso modo, Thelema incoraggia i suoi accoliti a respingere la maggior parte degli aspetti della società normata.» “Journal of Thelemic Studies”, 1; 2, 2008, p. 40.

Em relação aos escritos antidemocráticos, racistas e misantrópicos: "A razão […] de certos aspectos de Thelema serem omitidos [de discussões públicas] indica o real problema em apresentá-la como uma religião e tentar fazer com que seja aceita por governos ou aprovada publicamente: Thelema está, no final das contas, em contraste com a sociedade preceptiva além de transgredi-la. Thelema rejeita a moral e os valores dela e age para transgredir e violar tais normas. Desde a inclusão de intoxicantes em rituais, passando pelo ponto de vista positivo em relação a sexualidade — que com freqüência é visto como incentivo à promiscuidade — aos aspectos pró-autoritários e Nietzscheneanos de Thelema, a sociedade preceptiva tem muito para rejeitar em Thelema e, reciprocamente, Thelema encoraja os seus simpatizantes a rejeitar muitos aspectos dessa sociedade." "Journal of Thelemic Studies", 1;2, 2008, pag. 40.

The Slaves Shall Serve – Aleister Crowley – SS Runes Skull Nazi – Equinox – The Templar's Reich

Das Milieu des Templer Reichs — Die Sklaven Sollen Dienen. Hanns Heinz Ewers — Lanz von Liebenfels — Karl Germer — Arnoldo Krumm–Heller — Martha Kuentzel — Friedrich Lekve — Hermann Joseph Metzger — Christian Bouchet — Paolo Fogagnolo — James Wasserman. Unbequeme Aspekte in der Geschichte des O.T.O. und Thelema.
Also: Proto–Fascist Elements in the O.T.O.

Holy Rat

Articles on the History of the Ordo Templi Orientis

Whether treated as object or subject, the very term "O.T.O." is itself neither fixed nor coherent. The O.T.O. is not a compact, bounded set of categories, but consists of different individuals and more or less loose groupings, which often meet and part (or converge and diverge) with each other — and all at the same time.

Any historical account, any arrangement of these individual parts is perforce provisional, subject to rules of thumb and remains experimental in nature.

Carl Karl Kellner Renatus Hermetic Brotherhood of Light H.B.L. Ordo Templi Orientis O.T.O. Carl Kellner Yoga pre-Ordo Templi Orientis Memphis Misraim Baphomet Carl Kellner Yoga Memphis Misraim Baphomet
Carl Kellner

Carl Kellner, Theodor Reuss, Clément de Saint–Marq, E.C.H. Peithmann, Ernst Tristan Kurtzahn, P.B. Randolph, Rudolf Steiner not being a member of the O.T.O., Franz Hartmann (no member of the O.T.O.), Aleister Crowley, Karl Germer, Arnoldo Krumm–Heller, Herbert Fritsche, Michael P. Bertiaux, Hermann Joseph Metzger and his Ladies, Grady L. McMurtry, Friedrich Lekve, Friedrich Mellinger, William Wallace Webb, Eugen Grosche, Henri Birven, Joanny Bricaud, Leopold Engel, Franz Bardon, Charles Manson and the Solar Lodge of the O.T.O., 'Caliphate', Heinrich Traenker, Kenneth Grant, Marcelo Ramos Motta, William Breeze ...

Some protagonists and components of some O.T.O.–variations.

Ordo Templi Orientis, Carl Kellner, Theodor Reuss, Aleister Crowley, Karl Germer, Herbert Fritsche, Michael P. Bertiaux, Hermann Joseph Metzger et alii


Carl Kellner: Yoga. Eine Skizze über den psycho–physiologischen Teil der alten indischen Yogalehre. Ordo Templi Orientis. O.T.O.


Details about Carl Kellner: Never a member of any O.T.O.

Josef Dvorak: Carl Kellner   [collected gossips and speculations about Kellner's life, Franz Hartmann, Hatha Yoga and Baphomet].

Short biography of Franz Hartmann.

Joanny Bricaud: Notes Historique sur le Rite Ancien et Primitiv de Memphis–Misraim.

Theodor Reuss – Ordo Templi Orientis Phenomenon

Theodor Reuss, Parsival und das entschlüsselte Grals–Geheimnis, Aufbauprogramm und Leitsätze der Gnostischen Neo–Christen O.T.O.

[aus: 'Der Grosse Theodor Reuss Reader']

Theodor Reuss — a sort of biography.

A letter from Francis X King to John Symonds about Theodor Reuss.

Theodor Reuss' O.T.O. rituals ©  with an introduction.

Information about Aleister Crowley's O.T.O. rituals.

A.P. Eberhardt: Von den Winkellogen Deutschlands  [O.T.O., Illuminati, Memphis–Misraim, etc.]

Theodor Reuss Peregrinus Ordo Templi Orientis O.T.O.
Theodor Reuss
Aleister Crowley Baphomet Ordo Templi Orientis O.T.O.
Aleister Crowley

Reuss O.T.O. Lamen

  • English: Theodor Reuss and the Brothers of Light in the Seven Churches of Asia. The origins of Brotherhood of Light of Theodor Reuss.
  • Deutsch: Die Brueder des Lichtes der sieben Gemeinden in Asien. Theodor Reuss' Hermetische Bruderschaft des Lichtes.
  • Français: Les Frères de Lumière dans les Sept Églises d'Asie. Les origines de la Fraternité de Lumière de Theodor Reuss.

  • The Ordo Templi Orientis Phenomenon — Aleister Crowley coloured by Richard T Cole

    Biography of Aleister Crowley:

    Lamen of the O.T.O.

    Consider the O.T.O. non existent.

    Letter from Engelhard Pargaetzi to Hans–Rudolf Hilfiker, April 4, 1920: Quarrel in Theodor Reuss' Swiss O.T.O. lodge.

    Declaration that the relations between the Grand Orient and Theodor Reuss were definitely past history.

    Theodor Reuss Rudolf Laban de Laban Vertrag Ordo Templi Orientis 1917

    1917 Vertrag / Contract Theodor Reuss — Laban de Laban

    Theodor Reuss Hans–Rudolf Hilfiker Laban de Laban Ordo Templi Orientis 1917

    1917 Vertrag / Contract Theodor Reuss — Hans–Rudolf Hilfiker

    ["Der Grosse Theodor Reuss Reader"]

    Laban de Laban Theodor Reuss

    1917 Theodor Reuss — Laban de Laban
    [Visit this Gallery]

    Laban de Laban Hans Rudolf Hilfiker Mary Wiegmann Theodor Reuss

    1918 Theodor Reuss — Laban de Laban, Hans–Rudolf Hilfiker, Mary Wiegmann
    [Robin P. Marchev: "Wahrheitssucher und Schwindler. Aus der Chronik der Loge Libertas et Fraternitas. 1916–1925." Oberengstringen 1990]

    Hans Rudolf Hilfiker Engelhard Pargaetzi Rolf Merlitschek Martin Bergmaier Theodor Reuss

    1919 Theodor Reuss — Hans–Rudolf Hilfiker, Engelhard Pargaetzi, Rolf Merlitschek, Martin Bergmaier
    ["Materialien Zum O.T.O."]

    Another gallery of some documents relating to Theodor Reuss.

    Feldzug gegen Rudolf Steiner Ordo Templi Orientis Theodor Reuss Flensburger Hefte Guido und Michael Grandt Arfst Wagner Wolfgang Weirauch Eve Grothe Klaus-Dieter Neumann Stefan Leber P.R. Koenig Josef Dvorak Hella Wiesberger Julius Zoll

    [From: "Feldzug gegen Rudolf Steiner", Flensburger Hefte 63 IV/98, Flensburg 1998]

    Rudolf Steiner: Not a member of the O.T.O.

    Online facsimile documents regarding Reuss and Steiner.

    Two letters from Theodor Reuss concerning Franz Hartmann / Rudolf Steiner.

    "Gestatten, Under–Cover Agent Peter–R. König" — Ein Interview für die 'Flensburger Hefte' zum Thema "Feldzug gegen Rudolf Steiner".

    Spencer Lewis, AMORC, A.M.O.R.C., O.T.O., Order of the Rosicrucian, Ordre de la Rose-Croix, AMORC, Ancient and Mystical Order of Rosae Crucis

    Spencer Lewis and the O.T.O. which is a chapter of my 'Der O.T.O. Phänomen RELOAD', about Spencer Lewis, Theodor Reuss, Aleister Crowley and Heinrich Traenker.

    A.M.O.R.C.: Controverse Autour d'un Document — Harvey Spencer Lewis et l'O.T.O.

    H. Spencer Lewis and Theodor Reuss.

    Robert Vanloo: Is the A.M.O.R.C. an offspring of the O.T.O. or not ?

    A.M.O.R.C. O.T.O. lamen

    R+C robe

    Baphomet and Rosycross.

    Dance the Adolf Hitler. Krumm–Heller and his Hitlerianismo. Aleister Crowley and his dreams about Hitler.

    Arnoldo Krumm-Heller Huiracocha Eduard Munninger Medardus successor of the Fraternitas Rosicruciana Antiqua F.R.A. Austria Kraempelstein Antiquus Arcanus Ordo Rosae Rubeae Aureae Crucis A.A.O.R.R.A.C. Fraternitatis Rosæ Crucis Fraternitatis Rosæ Crucis

    Eduard Munninger: Roses in Austria. The early history of A.M.O.R.C. and A.A.O.R.R.A.C. in the German speaking countries, Munninger appointed as successor by Arnoldo Krumm–Heller.

    Of Booksellers And Other Grand Masters of the O.T.O.: Detailed biographies on Heinrich Traenker, Karl Germer, Henri Birven, Spencer Lewis, C.H. Petersen, Eduard Munninger — and their relation with the O.T.O. under Reuss, Crowley and Metzger — containing Henri Birven's "Obituary on Karl Germer" with details about Crowley in Berlin in 1930.

    Heinrich Traenker Pansophia Pansophische Gesellschaft

    Heinrich Traenker:

    Fraternitas Saturni, GOTOS

    In Nomine Demiurgi Nosferati.

    Eugen Grosche: Bericht über die "Geheim–Konferenz im Jahre 1926 in Thüringen"  [Crowley's disastrous visit at the homes of Heinrich Tränker and Karl Germer].

    Constitution of the Secret Lodge Fraternitas Saturni, 1928.

    Closing of the "Pansophic Lodge", 1928.

    Die GOTOS–Büste.

    Johannes Goeggelmann (Saturnius): Beispiel einer Skandalisierung. Die Geschichte der F.S. aus der Sicht des Boulevard ?

    Sammlung von 23 Texten von Walter Jantschik.

    Guido Wolther's sexmagical drawings.

    Johannes Maikowski Gemälde Ausschnitt

    Painting by:

    Online mit, von und über Johannes Maikowski:

    Instruktion für Autogenes Training — Ein Yoga-System für den Westen — Indigo (25:11, 6,76 MB).

    Kontext: Bücher zum Kontext:
  • Reaktion.
  • Video–Interwiew.

    Eugen Grosche Gregor A Gregorius Fraternitas Saturni nicht auf christlichem Boden


    Felix Lazerus Pinkus  —   spiritual father of Hermann J. Metzger and Grandmaster of the O.T.O. in Switzerland.

    Thelema in Appenzell ? (containing an interview with Hansruedi Giger and Ulla von Bernus).

    The Psychosophical Publishing Company: Metzger's publishing firm and connection to Franz Bardon, Lanz Liebenfels, the Ordo Militiae Crucis Templi, Memphis Misraim, the Argenteum Astrum, and his thoughts on Thelema.

    The Ordo Militiae Crucis Templi and Hermann Joseph Metzger.

    Ordo Templi Orientis in Switzerland, Stein Appenzell, Order of Illuminati, Gnostic Catholic Church, Fraternitas Rosicruciana Antiqua

    H.J. Metzger's Manifesto 1963 — With biographical notes on Karl Germer.

    Karl Germer: Never the OHO of Crowley's O.T.O.

    Karl Germer about himself.

    Documents and photographies re: Karl and Sascha Germer.

    Some of Karl Germer's Personal Letters.

    Sascha Germer's Diary about Karl Germer's death.

    Gnosis on Stage: Friedrich Mellinger. With H.J. Metzger's Manifesto of 1963.
    Karl Germer's correspondence with Friedrich Mellinger about H.J. Metzger, Pinkus, Grosche and Traenker.

    Friedrich Frederic Mellinger to Aleister Crowley

    More Documents.

    Gabriel Montenegro's correspondence with European Thelemites in the 1960s.

    Henry Birven — addicted to Crowley?

    Friedrich Lekve — Dreamland Thelem Chassidim — Martha Kuentzel. With links to texts.

    C.H. Petersen — Abramelin in the Abbey of Thelema. Karl Germer to Carl Heinz Petersen.
    Keywords: Hermann Joseph Metzger, Henry Heinrich Birven, Theodor Reuss and Succession, Nazis, Martha Kuentzel, Friedrich Lekve, Heinrich Traenker.

    Carl William Hansen — Denmark.

    Illuminati and Templars

    Illuminati and Templars — From Leopold Engel to Walter Englert, a 18° of the Fraternitas Saturni.

    Paul Ruediger Audehm: Co–founder of the New Illuminati in Frankfurt.

    H.J. Metzger vs W. Englert: Court Case.

    Karl Brodbeck: Der Illuminatenorden.

    Texts by Leopold Engel:

    Texts by Hermann Medinger:

    LAM XI° Ordo Templi Orientis

    Material on and from the Typhonian O.T.O. — Keywords: Kenneth Grant, Shaitan–Aiwass, New Isis Lodge, Michael Staley, Starfire, LAM, Maat and the New Aeon, Maggie Ingalls, Nema, Linda Falorio.

    Documents: Karl Germer to Kenneth Grant.

    Eugen Grosches Eindeutschung von Kenneth Grants O.T.O.–Manifest von 1955.

    Kenneth Grant and the Plan 93 From Outer Space.

    Behind the T.O.T.O.

    History of a Fake. Aleister Crowley appointing Kenneth Grant as his successor as Outer Head of the Order of the Templi Orientis in 1947?

    Aleister Crowley Baphomet Wax Seal

    Charles Manson and the Solar Lodge of the O.T.O. — Reports by witnesses and the FBI.

    History of the 'Caliphate': Mysteria Mystica Maxima. A Song of the Whitewash.

    Four letters from Gerald Yorke.
    Keywords: Charles S. Jones, Grady Louis McMurtry, H. Spencer Lewis, Heinrich Traenker, Hermann Joseph Metzger, Jerry Kaye, John Symonds, Karl Germer, Kenneth Anger, Kenneth Grant, Thoth Tarot Teck.
  • Gerald Yorke to Karl Germer.
  • Gerald Yorke to Reuben Swinburne Clymer.
  • Gerald Yorke to Grady Louis McMurtry.
  • Gerald Yorke to Helen Parsons-Smith.

  • About Jack Parsons in Nikolas and Zeena Schreck: Demons of the Flesh.

    News about the 'Caliphate', a firm or club from 1977 and its version of the instrument of "apostolic succession".

    All we want is a 'Caliph': 'Minutes of the Special Ninth Degree Caliphate Election' Held September 20/21, 1985.

    William Breeze Hymenaeus Beta Frater Superior OTO

    Some Spicy Smacks in Russia.

    "Ljuben je zakon" or "ljubav pod voljom"? — The O.T.O. in ex–'Yugoslavia'. An example of member activities.

    Moosebump: the 'Caliphate' in Canada.

    The O.T.O.–Foundation: A new F.S. begets a new O.T.O. — Censorship and Inquisition.

    National Grandmasters and OHOs of the O.T.O.

    Oscar R. Schlag: self–styled last grey eminence. Jane Wolfe, Marcelo Ramos Motta, Choronzon, Karl Germer, H.J. Metzger.

    Thelema and suppressed homosexuality.

    Marcelo Ramos Motta, Oscar Oskar Schlag, Peter-Robert Koenig

    Dedication from Marcelo Ramos Motta to Oscar Schlag.
    + Schlag's short letter to P.R. Koenig.
    [From: 'Ein Leben Für Die Rose']

    Society Ordo Templi Orientis Marcelo Ramos Motta S.O.T.O. Marcelo Ramos Motta

    P.R. Koenig: Uma O.T.O. no Brasil.
    Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida - Marcelo Ramos Motta - Kenneth Grant: Documentos 1966-1997.
    Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida: Marcelo Ramos Motta — Um Enigma.
    Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida: Emails to P.R. Koenig.
    Marcelo A.C. Santos: A Verdadeira História do "Califado" no Brasil.

    Marcelo Ramos Motta speaks about the O.T.O. rituals, about the A.·. A.·. and Kenneth Grant; in Portuguese, approx. 1973 (circa 620 KB).
    Marcelo Motta palavras com Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida, 18 de dezembro de 1973.
    Translation of Marcelo Motta's tape to Euclydes Lacerda, dated 1973.

    Marcelo Ramos Motta: Ritual de Iniciação do Grau I O.T.O.
    Marcelo R. Motta: Carta A Um Maçon.
  • Marcelo R. Motta: Lettre à un maçon brãsilien.
  • Marcelo R. Motta: Letter to a Brazilian Mason UNEXPURGATED.
  • Bibliographic Note and Addendum to "Letter to a Brazilian Mason by Marcelo Ramos Motta".
    Marcelo Ramos Motta to Karl Germer, July 2, 1954.
    Marcelo Ramos Motta about Paulo Coelho and others.
    Marcelo Ramos Motta: The Development of a Secret Society in America in the Years 1957-2000.

    Claudia Canuto de Menezes: Conheci Marcelo Ramos Motta nos idos anos 70.
  • Claudia Canuto de Menezes: I met Marcelo Ramos Motta in the 70’s.

  • Palace of Secretes — Anal Intercourse and the O.T.O. — the XIth degree

    Palace of Secretes — Anal Intercourse and the O.T.O. / Per Aftera Ad Astra — the XIth degree: Choronzon Club, Ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua, Ordo Argenteum Astrum, QBL Alchemist Church, Rite of Mitylene.

    Patrick King — Herald of the 'Caliph' and early XI° of the 'Caliphate'.

    Stranded Bishop  — Gnostic Churches

    Lignée malabare: René Vilatte, Jules Doinel, Theodor Reuss, E.C.H. Peithmann, Arnoldo Krumm-Heller, Herbert Fritsche, Hermann Joseph Metzger

    Lignée malabare: René Vilatte, Jules Doinel, Theodor Reuss, E.C.H. Peithmann, Arnoldo Krumm–Heller, Herbert Fritsche, Hermann Joseph Metzger.

    Stranded Bishops — Gnostic Churches in the kitchen.

    Siehe auch die deutsche Seite  Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica.

    Ernst Tristan Kurtzahn, Mitglied von Reuss' O.T.O.: Die Gnostiker und die Unsichtbare Kirche  [1925].
    • English translation: The Gnostics. — About the Gnostic Catholic Church, Androgyn + Gynandria, E.C.H. Peithmann, Peryt Shou, and the immissio membri virilis in vaginam in avoidance of the ejaculatio seminis.

    Aleister Crowley appointing W.B. Crow Patriarch of the thelemic Gnostic Catholic Church.
    William Bernard Crow: OHO of the O.T.O., Grand Administrator General of Memphis and Mizraim and Patriarch of the Gnostic Catholic Church: The Ancient and Universal Rite of Cosmic Architecture.

    Stephan Hoeller: Position Paper Concerning the Thelemite or Crowleyan Gnostic Churches. About the importance of magical succession without schisms; about valid and proper intention of consecrations, and that one Mass no Church doth make.

    William Wallace Webb. Frater Damon, Hermetic Alchemical Order of the QBLH, Philosophic Gnostic Hermetic Society, Qabalistic Alchemist Church, Ordo Argenteum Astrum.

    Holy Ape

    August Leisler Carl Kellner, Josef Dvorak, Michael Paul Bertiaux, William Wallace Webb, Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida, Marcelo Ramos Motta, Johannes Maikowski, the 'Caliphate', Grady Louis McMurtry, Robert Deumié, Oscar Schlag, the Swiss O.T.O.

    History of the O.T.O.A.: Inflation of Gnosis — Ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua, Michael Bertiaux, Manuel Lamparter, La Couleuvre Noire, Monastery of the Seven Rays, Choronzon Club.

    How William Breeze lost an Apostolic Succession.

    My Own O.T.O.A.

    Selling out O.T.O. groups in Italy.

    Michael Paul Bertiaux O.T.O.A.

    Baphomet Goat of Mendes Aiwass Aiwaz Sheitan

    I want to become a member of Ordo Templi Orientis, How to join O.T.O.

    Collections of Re–Collections:
    Why and how they became member.
    Or not at all.

    Haben Sie ein Einweihungszeichen das vom Papst

    An objective researcher will benefit from these Court conclusions

    Grady Louis McMurtry — Ordo Templi Orientis — Caliphate

    The Maine Decision, the California decision, The New Court of Last Resort Contents, Austrian rulings on Copyrights, German rulings on Copyrights, the International Copyright Situation, X versus the 'Caliphate', Anthony Naylor, Phaenomen Verlag, Starfire Ltd, Peter–Robert Koenig ...

    Holy Monkey

    Selection of Comments – Joscelyn Godwin, Ellic Howe, Albrecht Goetz von Olenhusen, H.T. Hakl, Wolfram Frietsch, Thomas Lueckewerth, Otto Buchinger, John Patrick Deveney, Oscar/Oskar R. Schlag, Erik Davis, Richard Metzger, Jean-François Mayer, Michael D. Eschner, Bill Heidrick, William Breeze, Christian Bouchet, Kenneth Anger, Ben Fernee, Michael Staley, Michael Aquino, G.M. Kelly aka Martin, Jerry Cornelius, James Graeb, Richard T. Cole, George Elliott, Genesis P-Orridge, Gion Cavelty, Bradford Verter, Angela / Angie Bowie, Christopher Hyatt, Ingo Heinemann, Manfred Ach, Dominik Tischleder, Harald Szeemann, Phyllis Seckler, Helen Parsons Smith, Gerald Suster, Timothy d'Arch Smith, Mark Parry-Maddocks, Johannes Maikowski, Daniela Siepe, Colin Wilson and others.

    Christian Bouchet, Thelema, Bulletin de l'O.T.O. en France, VIII;26, Château Thébaud, 1991

    ["Thélèma, Bulletin du Mouvement de Thélème en France (Ordo Templi Orientis et Astrum Argentinum)", VIII;26, Château Thébaud, 1991]

    1917 Theodor Reuss O.T.O. Constitution

    MP3 / YouTube recordings:
    Marcelo Ramos Motta speaks; Oscar Schlag speaks; the voices of W.W. Webb, Michael P. Bertiaux and Annemarie Aeschbach (the female successor of OHO H.J. Metzger in Switzerland); and a grandson of Carl Kellner who remembers his grandfather: with many documents

    Photographs and Documents:
    More than 100 photographs and documents: Carl Kellner, Theodor Reuss, Arnoldo Krumm–Heller, Marcelo R. Motta, Oscar Schlag, charters, letters, manuscripts ...

    What's New?
    New items posted to the O.T.O. Phenomenon website, updates and corrections  [starting in March 2000].

    Le Phénomène Ordo Templi Orientis. Exposé en français.


    Eating at the McKoenig: Enjoy The McKoenig Menu 2006.

    2008: Honesty is the best Policy: How the 'Caliphate' O.T.O. and William Breeze lost in a legal case.

    David Bowie and the Occult  [version 2022].
    • Gnosis als Hype. Short German variation with outlines of an interview with Angie Bowie. First published in DU, November 2003.

    Steele Savage: David Bowie — Outside, Aleister Crowley, And the Holy Grail.

    Juenger Jaeger Justiz

    Fraternitas Saturni, Walter Englert, Ordo Templi Orientis, Ordo Illuminatorum, Weltbund der Illuminaten

    Andreas Huettl und Peter–R. König: "Satan — Jünger, Jäger und Justiz".

    Texts by Marco Pasi:

    Claas Hoffmann:

    Collage: Eugen Grosche (Gregor A Gregorius) Grandmaster of the Fraternitas Saturni - and Salome with the Head of St John the Baptist. Transgender, Spermo-Gnose and Sexmagick. Original by: Lucas The Elder Cranach. At: Bob Jones University Collection, Greenville, SC, USA

    Rafal T. Prinke:


    Argenteum Astrum: Charles Waldemar.

    Charles Waldemar Magie der Geschlechter Eine neue Sittengeschichte Munich München 1958 Dämonie der Erotik eine Psychopathologie der Frau Wiesbaden 1967

    Not O.T.O. related: Rudolf von Sebottendorff: Der Talisman des Rosenkreuzers. With a preface by Albrecht Goetz von Olenhusen.

    German–English books on–line

    Der Kleine Theodor Reuss Reader  (statutes, the Oriflamme, rituals and sexmagical writings) — German original version.

    Das O.T.O.–Phänomen  (the complete History of the O.T.O. groups).

    Ein Leben Für Die Rose  (the biography of Arnoldo Krumm–Heller, plus an analysis of Reuss', Crowley's and Krumm–Heller's sexmagick: a comparison with the Fraternitas Saturni).

    ABRAMELIN & Co.  (about Holy Guardian Angels and other UFOs). This book also is an analysis of Crowley's sexmagick, coprophagy and algolagnia and their relation to the concept of Thelema and the Argenteum Astrum (Silver Star) as personified in Crowley.

    Der O.T.O. Phaenomen RELOAD — Peter-Robert Koenig

    Print: Der O.T.O. Phänomen RELOAD.

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    books about the O.T.O. Phenomenon:

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