Fraternitas Saturni: Saturn-Gnosis

SATURN GNOSIS: the real Fraternitas Saturni

by Barbara Weiss, Ottmar Domainko, & P.R. Koenig

This article has no footnotes or references to sources; interested readers are referred to Peter-Robert Koenig's books, such as the online English version of 'The OTO Phenomenon'.

How do you incarnate an Égrégore? Homunculise it!

"Aleister Crowley's treatise on the making of a homunculus was couched in terms of a secret ritual for the IX° members of the O.T.O. It begins with the premis that the human ego reincarnates into a "new tenement" when the foetus is in its third month of gestation. One classical method involves removal of a woman's fertilized ovum and continuing the gestation ectopically. Crowley is characteristically vague about the details, however, throwing in a few alchemical allusions.
The modern magickal method is another thing entirely. Crowley advises selection of a female partner whose horoscope is suited to the nature of whatever homunculus is desired. The magician and his mate "copulate continuously" until impregnation results; then, the woman is withdrawn to a desolate place where appropriate incantations are vibrated (e.g. the banishing formulae of the Sephiroth) five to seven times a day.
The woman is "constantly educated by words and by books and by pictures of a nature consonant" to the spirit being evoked - the method of Liber Astarte (bhakti yoga). Delivery is somehow held up or pushed forward to assure the child an appropriate ascendant sign, and when the infant is born, it is immediately dedicated, purified, and consecrated to the incarnated spirit."
James M. Martin, in ABRASAX, Texas 1993.

But when Jack Parsons worked together with Ron L. Hubbard to make a so-called 'Moonchild' (Crowley's name for a homunculus), Crowley reacted with displeasure.
Having been deserted by two women in a row, Parsons decided to have no more truck with human females, and to invoke an elemental in female form to serve his sexual and ritual purposes. He used the 'Calls' contained in the Enochian system of magic devised by Dr. John Dee during Elizabeth I's reign to summon the 'powers of the elemental tablets'.
In this method, the name of the elemental to be invoked is written on a diagram of a truncated pyramid, and the correct Enochian Call is recited. The elemental is supposed to respond instantly, so great is its desire to incarnate in human form. The (male) magician uses his erect penis like a magic wand as a source of power, and his semen as the physical basis from which the elemental can form a visible body.
Parsons performed his invocations for eleven nights running in 1946, after which a woman called Marjorie Cameron came into his life; she was apparently as docile and obedient as elementals were supposed to be.
Crowley reacted angrily to news of these goings-on because he knew that a true adept must not allow himself to be seduced away from a love of the Infinite into a love of inferior spiritual beings. Parson's life came to an abrupt and premature end in 1952; while he was working at a laboratory at CalTech, he dropped a phial containing mercury fulminate, and was killed in the resulting explosion.


One of the most interesting occult organisations in the world (and perhaps the only truly magical one) is the Fraternitas Saturni (FS).
Theodore Reuss, who claimed to be the heir of Carl Kellner, had chartered a German offshoot of his O.T.O.; it was called 'Pansophia', and was led by Heinrich Tränker X°. The FS grew out of this organisation between 1926 and 1928. Among its more notable members was Albin Grau, who devised the design for the film 'Nosferatu'.

Here are some stills from that film:

The FS magical system was directly linked to its grade-structure; after WWII the system was augmented from an original ten-degree system to one of thirty-three degrees (in imitation of Masonic degrees), though there were still only ten essential and inherently magical degrees. These were: 8° and 12° (devoted to accumulation of magical power and projection of the Égrégore), 9° (for female sex-magic, attributed to the Moon and Yesod), 18° (for male sex-magic), and 19°, 20°, 25°, 26°, 31°, and 33°. This structure of thirty-three degrees was invented to avoid the risk of Tränker taking legal action against the FS for plagiarism; the remaining twenty-three degrees were merely placebos. The 18th and 33rd degrees were considered to be essential for the FS's continued existence, while 18° sex-magic could be - and still can be - performed outside the FS by the non-initiate.

"You are my Creator, but I am your Master — Obey!" [Mary Shelley, Frankenstein]

The most salient feature of the FS is its Égrégore. Its thirty-third degree is called "GOTOS", which derives from the term 'Gradus O.T.O. Saturni', and somewhat resembles the office of Outer head of the Order (OHO) in the O.T.O.. The OHO is the link between the Order and its 'Secret Chiefs' - its Égrégore, or the Inner Head of the Order (IHO); The OHO is the IHO's mouthpiece. But unlike other versions of the O.T.O., the FS worshipped its Égrégore in the physical form of a statue-bust whose form was received mediumistically by a female member of the Order. While the O.T.O. Égrégore is generally identified as Baphomet (though some claim it is Aiwaz - and H.J. Metzger considered that it was the 'Stélé of Revealing'), Crowley never conceived Baphomet to be an incarnate entity. Yet the FS did, calling its Égrégore "GOTOS UTUIT" (the latter word apparently means "OTO-it"). The bust of Gotos is regularly anointed with special unguents.

The 24° FS has as it central 'secret' the 'knowledge' of the Beast's true nature; its name is supposed to be "Gregor", while it retains the number 666. But why Gregor? To explain this it is necessary to examine he founder of the FS, Eugen Grosche. He chose as his magical name Gregor A. Gregorius, or else Gregor E Gregor(ius). This suggests Grosche considered that he himself was the Great Beast of Revelation, and the Égrégore of the FS at one and the same time. At the precise moment that Grosche achieved the 33° (at Easter in 1960) Gotos became GOTOS, in the same way that Crowley became Baphomet, XI° in 1912. This is the secret of both the O.T.O. and the FS - both orders exist for the sole purpose of empowering and exalting their founders, or their heirs in the office of OHO.

As Grosche (like Crowley) had a decidely low opinion of women, he was never able to find his soul-mate in the flesh. He therefore felt compelled to create GOTOS in an effort to achieve a form of androgny - at least after his death. As Grosche/GOTOS was male, he created a 'Lucifer-Noctifer' circle of XI° magicians around him as a source of energy; Crowley got his XI° energy more directly by fellating people (in Turkish baths, for instance).

Dis Grosche intend his daughter to be a moonchild? She was called Alraune, a name that must have some reference to a 1911 novel of the same name by H.H. Ewers. In this novel, the technique is described of taking the semen of a freshly hanged man, and 'planting' it in a prostitute's womb - voilà, the first test-tube baby. Grosche seems to have been greatly inspired by the lascivious tone of Ewer's novel, when he produced his own work of fiction, 'Exorial'.

It is idle to speculate whether Gotos and the GOTOS are different beings; suffice to say that there is a real magical formula which enables the Égrégore to absorb the energies of all the Order's members. The FS therefore has only one aim: the feeding of a vampire.

Is this Thelemic? Grosche wrote: "The brothers of the FS are not Thelemites." ("Blätter für angewandte okkulte Lebenskunst" Nº 93, p. 2.) The apex of Saturn Gnosis lies beyond the concepts of Thelema and Agapé.

So did the FS consider itself to be a continuation of the Knights Templar? 643 years to the day after Jacobus Burgundus Molensis (Jacques de Molay the last Master of the historical Templars) was burnt at the stake, the Grand Lodge of the FS was formally established - on March 18th 1957. On every anniversary of this date, de Molay's shade was invoked "in nomine demiurgi Saturni" (FS Decree Nº 8, dated January 31st 1958). Grosche also alleged that he was born on March 11th 1888, thus further linking him to de Molay, who was born on March 11th 1314.

Kenneth Grant, who corresponded with Grosche from 1950 to 1955, has founded a 'cult of LAM' (as has the Spanish O.T.O.A.); LAM is supposedly a relative of Aiwass based on an enigmatic pencil-sketch of an entity by Crowley. LAM shows his "lion-face" in mediumistic trances, and it has been reported that a statue-bust of LAM has "recently" been "revived" with anointings of semen in Europe.


The term 'GOTOS' was not apparently original to Grosche; it was in use among the Ariosophians (Rudolf J. Mund, "Der Rasputin Hitlers", Vienna, 1982.)

GOT written in runes is [got], and it was claimed by the Ariosophists to be one of the most ancient 'Ario-German word-roots'. It was assumed that [got] was derived in turn from the even older Indo-Germanic word 'ghuto'; the most common manner of writing or speaking in runes was called 'goto'. The pronunciation of the [o]-rune varies; it can stand for 'u' and 'o', or sometimes 'a'.

The term 'gots' was a familiar form of 'got'. In Old High German diminutives were made by adding the suffix '-zio' to a word, though this was not pronounced as spelt; thus the familair form of 'gots' would have sounded like 'gotos'. Traces of this may still be found in some Austrian dialects: "in Gots Nom" = "in God's name". The familiar form is meant to hint at a deep relationship between the person using the term and the 'got' or 'goto' (which are the same); 'got' being the more recent and shorter version of 'goto' ot 'ghuta' (depending on the dialect).

It was also speculated that 'ghuto' was derived from a hypothetical' Indo-European verbal root 'GHAU' turned into a substantive; 'GHAU' meant 'to invoke', and so the term 'gotos' was seen as a hint at a being which could be invoked.

It was a simple step from these abstruse etymological speculations to accepting 'gotos' as technical terminology for any and every entity that could be invoked - even Baphomet.

In old German dialects, 'got' was the general term for a numinous being - the kind of primal power that affected everything, without having a definite shape of its own. 'Got' was not to be mixed up with Wotan or Odin, which were already concrete formulations. 'Got' thus corresponded to the Indian 'Atman', while the gods were seen as mortal beings.


In the FS, the IHO or Égrégore GOTOS was charged with power in three ways: by blood, by semen, and by the planetary spirit of Pluto. The desired results of the charging were mean to have Plutonian effects, even though the magical names and sigils of Pluto were not known - so nobody was able to invoke his planetary spirit. Thus the FS (which undoubtedly went beyond whatever Franz Bardon had discerned) had to work by remotely stimulating the vibratory plane of Pluto; to do this they invoked the planetary spirit of Saturn (Zazel), and that of Mars (Bartzabel). So there was nothing new under the (dark) sun with Pluto.

The energies of the GOTOS were analysed as being Saturnian externally and Martial internally, while it used Lunar influences to manifest itself (with its hints at sexual 'secrets').

Because of this, Easter was thought the most preferable time for the GOTOS to be born. Easter derives its name from Eostre or Ostara, the Germanic goddess of sex and fertility, and the FS thought that she was worshipped with extravagant human sacrifices and blood-letting.

In practical terms, the three planetary spirits of Saturn, Mars, and Luna were reduced to just Saturn and Mars in daily dealings with the GOTOS; Lunar rites were reserved for actual manifestation. 'Grand Rites of Saturn' were celebrated when Solar influences were strongest, while the FS performed a 'Missa Soli' when the Moon's power waxed; the statue of GOTOS was placed in the west, since this hinted at the fading of the light.

It is apparent from FS documents - such as the 'Evocation Symbols of the Luciferian Hierarchy' written by an FS Grand Master, and all 18° material - that these devotees of Saturn were deeply involved in power-storage and power-spirals.


The first Gotos was Eugen Grosche, made Gotos-GOTOS at Easter, 1960. Under his leadership, only two people were initiated into the sex-magical 18° [facsimile of the charters in In Nomine Demiurgi Saturni, Munich 1998]. One was the German Walter Englert, (also a X° and another OHO). After Grosche's death Karl Wedler ('Giovanni') was raised to the 33° on April 17th 1965 by the then female Grand Master of the FS Margarete Berndt ('Roxane'), who died shortly afterwards. The office of Grand Master was obviously of secondary importance in the FS, as became plain when Walter Jantschik - a mere 8° - was appointed to this position in 1968.

Giovanni was only the second FS 33° after Grosche; after the latter's death a triumvirate was meant to govern the Order. But this was merely a deceptive cover for the fact that Giovanni was chief. According to the FS statutes issued on April 13th 1963 (and signed by Grosche, Berndt, Wedler, Walter Englert, and others) the degrees from 28° to 33° can only have one member each. Yet Giovanni soon made another person 18° and 33° - Guido Wolther ('Daniel'), the third 33°. And on March 4th 1989 another Gotos was enthroned.


At the end of the 1970s, Dieter Heikaus ('Set-Horus') founded the Ordo Saturni (OS), which was made up of members from the old FS. Gotos Giovanni acted as the new Order's patron, and willy-nilly most of the high-grade members migrated over to the OS. When Heikaus was made Gotos in 1989, it became necessary in magical terms for all existing 18° members to lend him their powers - the secret word of the 18° was 'Baphomet' - but only one 18° proved to be ready, willing, and able, a Swiss member called Emil Furrer ('Domani'). Englert and at least two others declined to help, while Daniel (18° and 33°) had apparently already vanished, and was rumoured to be in a mental hospital. (Postscript, 1998: he's still there).

The original bust of the GOTOS was destroyed by Daniel, and since then the OS has had to make do with a number of "simulacra". Some of the original Gotos regalia and paraphernalia only came into Heikaus's hands in 1992; the Wand of the FS Hierarch (33°) is still gathering dust in the Fraternitas Saturni's archives, while Giovanni still has the Hierarch's jewel of office. (Photographs of these items will be found in Materialien zum OTO, Munich 1994).

The Ordo Saturni is legally registered as an association at Bremen, but its membership fees apparently end up with another group, the Esoteric Study Society, which is registered at Bersenbrück; this effectively makes the OS penniless, since its members have no say in how this money is used. In the innermost circles of the OS, yet another secret Order may be found; it is called the Order of Set, and is located in Osnabrück. There is not the space in this article to discuss the complex relationships between the various Orders devoted to Saturn, Set, Shaitan, and Satan. It will suffice to quote Grosche's interpretation of G.N.O.S.I.S.: "Gnostici Noscuntur Omnem Scientiam In Satana" ("Satanische Magie", Wolfenbüttel 1926, p. 35).


Due to the physical death of Grosche, GOTOS was left without a master. Several members of the OS have reported details of Saturnian sex-magic to us; they have also told of the plan to incarnate a combination of the GOTOS, Eugen Grosche, and the Beast 666 in the flesh as a child, based on a combination of astrological calculations with acts of IX° and XI° sex-magic. This project seems to have resulted from an oath sworn by Grosche's inner circle before he died. Indeed, it was claimed that "the OS and the Pentalpha Circle [18°] continue the sex-magical work of the old FS." - ("Pentalpha" Nº 2, Bersenbrück, circa 1982).

It seems to be a business of cycles: Gotos was enthroned at Easter 1960; add thirty-three years, and one Saturn-cycle after Grosche's death on January 5th 1964, and you arrive at 1993. In the interim, the GOTOS's successors charge themselves up with energy as Gotos. Of course, one feels bound to ask if GOTOS Junior is going to feel very happy in the confines of the "Mundane Saturn Monastery" (Heikaus's new house, paid for by those membership-fees migrating from Bremen to Bersenbrück to Osnbrück). Is it absolutely certain that the parents of this moonchild aren't HIV positive? And who is its legal guardian - whoever ejaculated the sperm, or the magical father?

The need of a homunculus for constant supplies of energy raises other doubts. Since 1960, there has been a constant and debilitating loss of membership from the FS and then the OS; the remaining kernel of members have been compelled to work harder and harder. The situation has been further complicated in more recent years, because several members of the so-called 'Caliphate' O.T.O. (an American group founded in 1977) have infiltrated the Ordo Saturni and started promoting their rather more banal solar-phallic ideas.

© Weiss, Domainko, Koenig, 1993/98. It was also a speech delivered for C.E.S.N.U.R. at the London School of Economics in 1993
Translation adapted by Mark Parry-Maddocks in May 2001

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Und: Wolf Rösler, Wilhelm Uhlhart, Richard Tschudi, die Elixiere des Teufels, die Tropfsteinhöhle in Frankreich, Walter Englert, der Berg Ipf, Horst Knaut, Adolf Hemberger, das Saturn-Kloster, Michael Gebauer, Martin S., Federico Tolli, Calix Borealis

Fraternitas Saturni

Myth: The central concept in F.S. lodges is that of the lodge Egregore (group spirit). GOTOS by name and created as a bust. This is also the highest rank in the F.S. (from 'Gradus Ordo Templi Orientis Saturni').
Truth: Johannes Maikowski, Grandmaster of the Fraternitas Saturni, appointed as successor by Eugen Grosche in December 1963, speaks with Peter-R. Koenig in August 2011.

Johannes Maikowski berichtet über die Büste GOTOS.
Was geschah damit nach dem Tode von Eugen Grosche?
Wofür interessierten sich die Mitglieder?
Warum der Name Saturn?

Eugen Grosche ernennt Johannes Maikowski am 23.12.1963 zu seinem Nachfolger als Grossmeister der Fraternitas Saturni.
Wie erfolgte die Erhebung in den 18°?
Was war mit Walter Englerts 18°?

Johannes Maikowski erinnert sich an Walter Englert, Margarete Berndt, Karl Spiesberger, Herman Wagner, Walter Jantschik, Horst Kropp, Guido Wolther und an den Putsch 1962, angezettelt von Karl Wedler und Wolf Rösler

Bis vor seinem Tode war Eugen Grosche (1888-1964), der Gründer der Fraternitas Saturni, völlig gesund.
Es gab keinen Logenraum.
Wilhelm Reichs ORGANON-Kasten.
Was hat Grosche am meisten interessiert?
Was wusste Johannes Maikowski / Immanuel von Grosche?
Ria Grosche war immer alleine.
Gregorius war der Über-Papa.
Eugen Grosche war Mitglied der Evangelischen Kirche.

Eugen Grosche hat nie über seine Emigration in die Schweiz und Italien gesprochen.
Er hat sich auch nie über seine politischen Ansichten geäussert.
Grosche lebte von seiner Buchhandlung und den Mitgliederbeiträgen.
Warum hat Grosche Nazis in der Fraternitas Saturni geduldet?
Es fiel niemals ein antisemitisches Wort.
Miriam Wolther, eine ehemalige jüdische KZ-Insassin, hat sich ebenfalls nie geäussert.

Johannes Maikowski, member since 1950/1955 was appointed as his successor and Grand Master of the Fraternitas Saturni by Eugen Grosche in December 1963. He was re-elected by his own adherents in 1964/65. 1983 there was an election of a new Grandmaster by a competing F.S. which forced him to abandon the name of the lodge in the same year. So in 1993 he founded several lodges, for example the Communitas Saturni and the Grossloge Gregor A. Gregorius der FS in Kaiserslautern (GAG). There were dual memberships with the Ordo Templi Orientis and regular Freemasonry. Maikowski declared his own lodge foundations soon to be null and void. Yet, some of these lodges remain to exist. In 2003 the GAG united with the formerly competing Fraternitas Saturni in Berlin. Maikowski still continues to consider himself the only legitimate Grandmaster.

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